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In the 80s, we as Cimaprod / Sanco, experienced the rapid development of the fruit juice market with active participation! From almost 4 liters of orange juice per person annual consumption, the market grew to around 15 liters today. This in Switzerland, as well as in Austria. This fascinating market development confirms our decision “to stay on the ball”.

With strategically important producers, such as Citrosuco in Brazil, we were able to agree on exclusive local representations and subsequently successfully implement them. Nicolas Klopfer recognized in this pioneering time the need to combine quality and price with good service. Passion to juice and service has been our motto since then.

With first-class raw materials from Brazil, Florida and Sicily, Cimaprod / Sanco began to serve the bottling plants and in many individual cases was also able to exert an advisory influence. A changing lifestyle brought new consumer habits, which is why trend-oriented juices, or juice blends, became more and more prevalent. Increasingly, our customers also showed interest in additives, such as Pulp (cells), so that they could offer even more attractive end products.

Marc und Nicole Klopfer

Our History

Farewell From Our Beloved Father
Farewell From Our Beloved Father

We say goodbye to our beloved father and longtime Managing Director Nicolas Klopfer 04.11.1938 – 25.11.2016 We thank you for everything you have done for us and the time together with you. You have been a loving companion in our lives. You fought, developed, invented, rejected, talked, negotiated, researched, fought, invented, and made friends.


Collaboration with Dole Juice & Concentrates


Submission of commercial agency of Citrosuco

Marc Klopfer takes over

Transfer of the management and operational business to Marc Klopfer Removal of the premises from the village square 2 to Zugerstrasse 49 in Cham


Intensification of cooperation in Sicily


Tank mixes strengthened in Holland

Blood Orange

Introduction of blood orange juice in the market segment of Switzerland, France and Austria

Ortogel SPA

Representation agreement with Ortogel SPA Contacts & contracts with Ortogel SPA

Quicornac and launch of new products

Sales representation of Quicornac Expansion of the product range by: Passion juice concentrate Passion juice NFC flavors and essences New products launched: Pineapple juice Pineapple juice concentrate

Citrusproductsofbelize and larger product range

Commercial agency of CPBL (Citrusproductsofbelize) Extension of the product range: Orange cells Grapefruit juice Grapefruit juice concentrate